Client work

  The Australian Red Cross Blood Service model evaluated the dynamics of restrictions to blood donations as a result of mad cow disease.  The scenarios  demonstrated  the way in which the new policy should be implemented and also which donor recruitment policies would best compensate for the losses.
  The insurer viability model was built for the WorkCover organisation to evaluate the strategies that were used by participating insurance companies to minimise risk. the model indicated which policies were likely to have a serious impact on the ability of the companies to meet their obligations
  The justice model was built for the Supreme Court of Victoria and evaluate the dynamics of the justice system, the current legal processes of the Supreme Court and the workload of the Supreme Court judges.
  The heroin model was built as a training exercise for the Victorian Police and examines the dynamics of current policies for policing the drug trade with a particular emphasis on the “war on drugs”. This model  demonstrates the counterintuitive impact of large-scale drug confiscations and the impact on the crime rate.
  The call centre model was designed for a major bank which was launching a new credit card and wished to understand the dynamics of their advertising campaign, the behaviour of potential card holders and the staffing requirements of the call centre. The model demonstrated  what staffing levels were required to meet peak demand